About Physics Vidyapith

Physics Vidyapith is a branch of the" A.N.D R & D Association" (A New Discovery Research and Development Association). The A.N.D R & D Association is a registered association under the office of the registrar, firms societies, and chits Uttar Pradesh which is functioning under the Finance Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The A.N.D R & D Association was established on 12/Nov/2010. The purpose of the A.N.D R& D Association is to promote education and research in science and technology. This association has opened a new branch Physics Vidyapith which has the purpose to promote education and research in the field of physics and technology from basics to advance level. Physics Vidyapith educates people through various online courses, live classes, and quizzes in the field of physics and technology. These courses and quizzes will enhance the knowledge of physics students and people. Physics Vidyapith also has one facility for people and students to ask any question related to physics and technology (both numerical and theoretical) by sending questions on the web page "Submit Question". So they will get the answer to her email ID.
Anand Awasthi
Owner: Anand Awasthi
E-mail : anandawasthi0003@gmail.com