Merits and Demerits of Alternating Current in Comparison to Direct Current

Merits and Demerits of AC in Comparison to DC

(a) Merits

(i) Alternating current can be increased or decreased by using a transformer.

This is the reason that Alternating current can be transmitted from one place to other place at relatively lower expenditure and minimum loss of energy. In Direct current, it is not possible.

(ii) Alternating current can be controlled by choke coil or capacitor at very small loss of energy. To control Direct current resistance is required in which energy loss is very high.

(ii) Alternating current can easily be converted into Direct current by using a rectifier but converting Direct current into Alternating current is not easy.

(iv) Alternating current is cheaper than DC. (life of a cell or battery is very limited).

(b) Demerits

(i) Alternating current is more dangerous as compared to Direct current.

(ii) Alternating current cannot be used in electrolysis.

(iii) Most of the Alternating current of high frequency flows on the surface of the wire, therefore, a thick wire by joining number of thin insulated wires in parallel are to be used.