Limitations of Bohr's Model

Although Bohr's model of hydrogen atom and hyarogen like atom was successful in explaining the stability and spectrum even then it has few limitations. which are as follows:

(1) This model could not explain the spectrum of atom having more than one electron.

(2) This model could not explain the relative intensity of spectral lines. (i. e., few transitions are more acceptable than others why?)

(3) When a spectral line is observed by spectroscope of high resolution power, more than one lines are observed. This is known as fine structure of spectral line. Bohr model could not explain this.

(4) Splitting of spectral lines in external magnetic field (Zeeman's effect) and in external electric field (Stark's effect) could not be explained by this model.

(5) This model could not explain the distribution of electrons in different orbit.

Few limitations of Bohr's model are removed in Somer-field's model of atom. (In this model, the orbit of electron was considered as elliptical instead of circular ). But this model also has its limitations. Vector atomic model, which is based on quantum mechanics, explains clearly the structure of atom.

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