Significance of Compton effect

Description of Significance of Compton effect:

There are the following significance of the Compton effect→
  1. The greatest significance of the Compton effect is that is to provide final and deciding proof for Planck-Einstein's visualization of the quantum nature of radiation. The particle nature of light was established after the discovery of the Compton effect.
  2. The discovery of the Compton effect led to the formulation of quantum mechanics by W. Heisenberg and E. Schrodinger and provided the basis for the beginning of the theory of quantum electrodynamics.
  3. It is most important to radiobiology, as it happens to be the most probable interaction of high energy x-ray with atomic nuclei in living beings and is applied in radiation therapy.
  4. It is used to prove the wave function of electrons in the matter in the momentum representation.
  5. It is the most effective in Gamma spectroscopy that gives rise to Compton edge, as it is possible for gamma rays to scatter out of the detectors used.
  6. The Compton effect has played a significant role in diverse scientific areas such as nuclear engineering, experimental and theoretical nuclear physics, atomic physics, plasma physics, x-ray crystallography, etc.
  7. The Compton effect provides an important research tool in some branches of medicine, including molecular chemistry, solid-state physics, etc.
  8. The Compton effect has an appropriate application in the measurement of lungs density in living organisms.
  9. The Compton effect is useful in putting large detectors in orbit above the earth's atmosphere.
  10. The development of a high-resolution semiconductor radiation detector opened a new area for the application of Compton scattering.

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