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Characteristics of Electromagnetic Wave

Electric and magnetic field vector are mutually perpendicular to each other in electromagnetic wave

Transverse Nature of Electromagnetic Wave

Solution of electromagnetic wave equations in conducting media

Electromagnetic Wave Equation in Conducting Media (i.e. Lossy dielectric or Partially Conducting)

Displacement Current

Energy density in electromagnetic waves in free space

Poynting Vector and Poynting Theorem

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Radiation pressure of electromagnetic wave

Energy flow in the electromagnetic wave in free space

Momentum of electromagnetic wave

Solution of electromagnetic wave equations in free space

Solution of electromagnetic wave equations in non conducting media

Electromagnetic wave equation in non conducting media (i.e. Perfect dielectric or Lossless media)

Electromagnetic wave equation in free space

Equation of continuity for current density

Equation of continuity of electromagnetic wave

Derivation of Maxwell's forth equation

Derivation of Maxwell's third equation