Difference Between Prism Spectra and Grating Spectra

Prism Spectra

1.) Prism spectra are obtained by the phenomena of dispersion of light.

2.) Prism spectra have only one order.

3.) A prism spectrum is of bright intensity.

4.) In prism spectra, spectral colors overlap each other.

5.) Red color is dispersed least whereas violet color disperses the maximum.

6.) Prism spectrum depends upon the material of prism.

7.) The prism spectral lines are curved.

. Grating Spectra

1.) Grating spectra are obtained by the phenomena of diffraction of light.

2.) Grating spectra has more than one order.

3.) Grating spectra is of less intensity.

4.) In grating spectra, there is no overlapping of color.

5.) Red color diffracts the maximum whereas violet color diffracts the least.

6.) Grating spectra are independent of the material of grating.

7.) The grating spectral lines are almost straight.