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Description dielectric materials and their types

Dielectric Materials: Materials that do not allow current to flow through them are called insulators or dielectrics. Dielectric materials are capable of storing electric energy. Dielectric materials do not have free electrons ( in the case of ideal dielectric) because electrons are tightly bound with the nucleus so the conductivity of the dielectric is poor and for an ideal dielectric, it is zero. When a dielectric is placed in an external electric field, atoms or molecules of the dielectric material are polarised due to the creation of an electric dipole in the atoms or molecules, and the internal field is set up in the dielectric material which opposes the external applied electric field, thereby reducing the net electric field and hence the electric potential difference. If these dielectrics are placed between plates of a capacitor, the potential difference will be reduced without affecting the charge on the plates. According to the band theory of solids, A dielectric i